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These acting exercises have an intentional design. Of course, they are designed to equip you with practical acting skills, but the result of learning these skills is to invigorate an inherent sense of agency and drive people to find comfort outside of their comfort zones.

To find their place and worth in the ensemble and exude a new sense of confidence.

Yellow Earth Academy

There is a sensation of transformative encouragement in seeing others doing this with you. Learning how to act was not just fulfilling a childhood pipe dream or raising the chances of me becoming the next East Asian star.  It forced me to re-evaluate what representation even means. Why is fair and equal representation important? And what kind of people do we need to empower this representation?

We know that equal representation has the power to normalise and humanise. And this week-long acting bootcamp gave me the conviction to push for this.

Yellow Earth Academy

My understanding of Yellow Earth’s mission is not just about getting more East Asians in theatre or on the big screen. That would just be the happy by-product and allow more young British East Asians to find themselves as they look up on screen. This week wasn’t just about learning acting skills. Or even, to me anyway, becoming an actor. But it was about imbuing the strength and confidence in our community and giving us the energy to project ourselves forward. To seek out the representation we want with poise and a self-affirmative sense of humour. To give us a sort of freeing confidence and appreciation for the grind.

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