Theatre and Drama

Yellow Earth

Yellow Earth Theatre ran a summer acting academy for young East Asian people in July 2018, supported by the Birmingham School of Acting, the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre and The REP (Birmingham Repertory Theatre). The students achievements were celebrated at the Birmingham Hippodrome on 3rd August 2018. We now have 13 young aspiring East Asian actors and actresses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We look forward to projects that will utilise their talents.

Yellow Earth is running another acting academy in 2019 from 29th July to 2nd August. There is an Open Workshop on 11 May and the enrolment deadline is 10th May.


A trilogy starting with a story based on the sacrifices of the Chinese Labour Corp during the first World war and continuing with a second story around 1940s/50s and the third story in contemporary Britain. The trilogy will explore ideas of family, sacrifices, place and time from Chinese and British perspectives in the socio-economic context of 3 significant periods in recent history.

Chinese Women Cultural Identify

A collaborative theatre and graphic design project, by Paper Birds and Frances Yeung, works with local Chinese women to reveal women’s stories on hard-hitting themes through verbatim material and subtle movement.

Big Brum

Big Brum Theatre is collaborating with its sister company in Beijing to develop a play ‘Along the Silk Road’ to explore contemporary issues when East and West meets. The performance is aimed at schools and will be presented as an educational package to stimulate exploration and learning by pupils. 


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