Education and Sports


International students generated about £1 billion in earnings for the West Midlands (Universities UK 2017, The Economic Impact of International Students) and the large majority of international students are from China. The University of Birmingham has nearly 3000 Chinese students and the University of Warwick about 2,300. The number of Chinese students is likely to exceed 10,000 when all the Universities in the West Midlands are put together. CWM 2020 is looking for collaborative events with Universities, for example, seminars on China related economic, social and cultural themes that would be of benefit to students, businesses and local communities. To get involved, please get in touch.


Schools are increasingly interested in China and the Chinese language. According to the British Association for Chinese Studies, 13% of state schools and 46% of independent schools teaches Mandarin Chinese. The UK Government in 2016 launched a £10 million mandarin excellence programme to get 5,000 young people towards fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020. We would like to collaborate with schools in the West Midlands on projects to explore Chinese culture and language, as well as the interactions between British and Chinese culture. Please get in touch.


Playing sports is a great way for bringing people together. We are seeking collaborative projects or events with schools and sports clubs that involve diverse local communities. Please get in touch.