The Chinese Community

The West Midlands is proud to have become a home and a hub for the Chinese community.

Trading with China

The West Midlands exported £3.995 billion worth of goods to China in 2017, the highest of any UK region. This £3.995bn represented a growth of 21% since 2016.

Of that £3.995bn automotive exports was by far the largest element accounting for £31bn in 2017.

The West Midlands is also the only UK region with a trade surplus with China as imports from China are £3.83bn.

Chinatown in Birmingham

Chinatown in Birmingham and hotspots such as the Wing Yip Centre in Nechells are sources of culture, food and entrepreneurialism which is symptomatic of Chinese heritage.

My Commitment

As Mayor of the West Midlands I am committed to creating a region that works for everyone. The West Midlands Combined Authority is working hard on making our region better connected, skilled and habitable for all communities.

Further Strengthening Trade Relationship with China

Without the contribution of the Chinese community to our region, we would certainly be poorer culturally and economically. Let us build on our already strong relationships with China further.

Andy Street
Mayor of the West Midlands