An Online Documentation of Chinese communities at the time of Covid-19 in the UK

Chinese Voices of Covid-19 is a project funded by the Warwick University’s City of Culture Award, led by Dr. Kailing Xie, Course Director of Gender and International Development at the University of Warwick.

五味杂陈, wǔ wèi zá chén,trad. 五味雜陳, can be literally translated as the five different flavours–sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty–that commonly appear in Chinese cuisine. It is a phrase often used to express a mixture of complex feelings or emotions caused by a certain event. We think it is a fitting summary of experiences of Chinese communities at the time of Covid-19. Bringing three interconnected projects together, we hope this site provides a space to share some of our findings to connect people, places and hearts.

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