Since the launch of CWM 2020 in November last year, we have made progress and started several exciting initiatives. Modern Warrior, which you saw during the launch, was performed with Chinese community participation in the Bullring and Chinatown during Chinese New Year this year. Since then, a number of exciting cross-cultural projects involving dance, music, theatre, photography, education and business has been initiated.

We are holding CWM 2020 annual event on 5th October in Hotel Du Vin. The speakers include:

  • Ian Ward, the leader of Birmingham City Council, will talk about Birmingham relationships with China, especially with the sister cities of Guangzhou, Nanjing and Changchun, as well as other cities in China.
  • Beverley Nielsen, Director of the Institute for Design & Economic Acceleration at Birmingham City University, will share insights on the impact of Chinese trade and investment in Birmingham and the region.
  • Didi Xiao, world class and top 10 Chinese pianist and a tutor in the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, will share her vision of combining Chinese and Western repertoire to create a bridge between the two cultures.
  • Keith Horsfall, RSA Trustee and Chairs of Black Country Radio, Dudley Arts Council and Gig Caritas, will talk about building the Black Country relationship with China through arts and culture.
  • Updates on exciting CWM 2020 projects and events

In addition to the speakers, we will also have music and dance performances, as well as a finger buffet and networking opportunities.

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